Giving Back to the Community; A New Non-profit Organization

Established a new, not for profit, charitable organization to support responsible gaming in Saskatchewan. Develop a plan to increase awareness, reiterate the importance of industry social responsibility and influence government decisions regarding gaming policies. Worked with a ten member Board of Directors, and in collaboration with industry, government and suppliers.


Performance Measurement Tools

Working within the municipal government environment, a unique environment given the context of growth in Saskatchewan, we were well positioned to provide strategic advice related to the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard and effectively developed performance measurement tools for high profile projects, employee engagement plans and numerous change management initiatives.

Offering Value-Added Services

Our client adopted the Balanced Scorecard methodology to strategically align organizational efforts and long-term goals.  We provided implementation, monitoring, change management and communication services to ensure the model was fully adopted and well understood by a range of stakeholders.  Recognizing an opportunity to provide value-added service, we suggested the developed of reporting tools to strengthen … Continue reading Offering Value-Added Services