High Impact Launch Brings New Learners

Working with a post-secondary client, we were afforded the unique opportunity to lead the launch of a new communication mechanism. A diverse team made up of scholars and front-line staff, we delivered a high-impact product reaching a specific audience resulting in increased enrollment and attendance immediately.


Demonstrating Value for Clients and Customers

Customers expect value for dollars, and through a fee and operational review, we worked with our client to define specific performance requirements, implement the changes to existing systems and processes, track actual results against targets and report to industry. We worked with a large team made up of key stakeholders from throughout the organization. Using … Continue reading Demonstrating Value for Clients and Customers

Strategic Partnerships

On behalf of our client, we actively sought to develop and nurture over 20 corporate partnerships to build relationships between a large Saskatchewan industry and small local businesses. Relationships resulted in promotions, products and services to enhance the business opportunities for the partners and members; generating cash and over $1.1 million in-kind revenue.

Giving Back to the Community; A New Non-profit Organization

Established a new, not for profit, charitable organization to support responsible gaming in Saskatchewan. Develop a plan to increase awareness, reiterate the importance of industry social responsibility and influence government decisions regarding gaming policies. Worked with a ten member Board of Directors, and in collaboration with industry, government and suppliers.

Demonstrating Accountability and Transparency

Community-based organizations often struggle to demonstrate return on investment to large corporations. Our recommendation was a “dividend” tool to demonstrate accountability and transparency during the sponsor audit process. The preliminary findings demonstrated that our client had not met all of their obligations under contract however allowed them an opportunity to adjust and fufil or exceed … Continue reading Demonstrating Accountability and Transparency

Adding Strategic Value for Our Clients

Our government client sought to strategically align an ongoing series of events for senior government officials. Based on successful execution of these events, additional opportunities were recommended adding strategic value to business and stakeholder events. Further alignment of activities, key messages and evaluation demonstrated strong recognition.

Exceeding Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Our client required a specialized and unique skill set to maneuver the legal and regulatory minefield during a particularly busy acquisition period.  We built strong working relationships with government officials and an inherent understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements in order to prepare Board and Executive materials.