Successfully Integrating People and Technology

The successful merger and integration of both systems and people was the first priority in working with our client to bring data together from four different technology systems.  As we were responsible for communications and change management leading up to the systems merger and on site communication the day of the integration, we joined the team of IT professionals very early one morning to begin reporting the progress.  From the customer standpoint, they were not aware that the systems had not yet merged and our hope was that if the integration went well, that they would be unaware of the change.  However, in order to complete the integration the customer’s online access was unavailable for a brief period of time.  Employees were aware of the pending integration but unconcerned with the impact on their day to day work, as all of the behind the scenes work was completed outside regular business hours.  We worked closely with a team of professionals from a variety of areas throughout the organization to ensure fields were correctly mapped and records corrected to increase the likelihood of a smooth transition.  The outcome, was a shorter merge period than expected and a very smooth transition to a single online system.